No More Script Frenzy

Script Frenzy is basically NaNoWriMo for script writers. You have one month (April) to write a 100-page screenplay. You can write with a partner or by yourself, and you can write about whatever you like.

I tried Script Frenzy in 2011 (on a whim, because I happened to have a cool idea at the end of March) and finished. I ended up with the script for probably the worst horror movie ever written. I’m playing with the idea of turning it into a novel, since screenplays don’t seem to be my thing.

Even so, I still got sad when I heard the news that the Office of Letters and Light was no longer going to host Script Frenzy, due to a lack of funds and falling participant numbers. Basically, they were losing more than they were putting into it.

It’s a loss to the creative community, although there’s no stopping anyone from writing a 100-page screenplay in a month if they really wanted to. And who knows, maybe in the future Script Frenzy will return if enough aspiring screenwriters connect and bring it back. As for me, I don’t believe I was ever meant to be a screenwriter, but even so… I shall miss Script Frenzy.

2 thoughts on “No More Script Frenzy

  1. I just read your post regarding Katy Perry’s movie and the lack of creativity in Hollywood; I am sure that has something to do with the demise of Script Frenzy. I hadn’t hear of it before your post, however, Hollywood doesn’t seem interested in banking on unproven outsiders. That, of course, is very sad.


    • Odd… I never thought there might possibly be a connection between the two. Interesting, and yes, very sad indeed.


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