Z is for Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is one of those awesome German words that manages to express in just a single word what would take a whole phrase in English. This word means “spirit of the age” – or, the morals or culture associated with a particular era. (It’s also the title of a Smashing Pumpkins album that came out in 2007, but that has nothing to do with this post.)

That’s not really the zeitgeist I wanted to talk about, though. I started watching a documentary called Zeitgeist, and it’s about conspiracy theories. The first thing it talks about is the myth of Christianity and how Jesus Christ may never have existed at all. It was initially painful for me to watch because I am a Christian, but everyone’s got their own opinions and beliefs, so it didn’t change my mentality about Christianity or my religion or anything like that.

The movie goes on to talk about the September 11 attacks and how that was all a conspiracy, the international money system and how that’s manipulated by bankers… but I haven’t seen that part of the movie yet, so I can’t say much about it. All in all, it’s interesting so far, but I’ve never been one to buy into conspiracy theories or out-and-out propaganda. I don’t like the narrator’s tone of voice; to me, he sounds sarcastic, but someone else might think differently.

Sometimes it’s good to watch documentaries; the good ones make you think, and there are really good ones that make you want to change some aspect of your life. Unfortunately, Zeitgeist: The Movie just isn’t doing that for me. But you never know… you might like it.

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