X is for X-Ray Vision

There aren’t too many things that start with X, so I picked this, but not because I want to see under people’s clothes or anything like that. What I’d appreciate is a different type of X-ray vision: the ability to look inside people, to see past their facades to what they’re really about.

I’m not the best judge of people. A lot of the time, I trust people I should not trust and mistrust the people I ought to be trusting. Having X-ray vision would solve this problem. I could immediately look into the person’s mind and soul, tell what they’re thinking and what their motives are, and know whether or not to trust them or befriend them.

At the same time, having this kind of X-ray vision would be saddening. You’d get to see facets of people that you never knew existed. Maybe someone you thought liked you really hates you – a little like when you’re a little kid and you draw a picture, and it’s terrible, but your mom puts it up on the refrigerator anyway. You’d probably be disappointed in a lot of people; people you thought were genuine, but are just putting on really clever masks.

I guess it would be nice to have X-ray vision like that if you could turn it on and off at will. But if it was a constant thing and I couldn’t control it, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to have it. Ignorance is bliss. 🙂

2 thoughts on “X is for X-Ray Vision

  1. Oh, I agree. Even apart from the phonies you’d find out about, you’d learn that even the people who you’re closest to have moments when they’re sick of you and want you to go away. Life would be hell if everybody knew that sort of thing (wasn’t there a movie about this recently — about a world where everybody told the truth all the time?). Much better to judge people by how they act, not by every random thought and impulse they have.


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