S is for Soundtrack

I love making soundtracks to my stories; good music can give you something to inspire you when you’re having a bad writing day, or it can give you a burst of energy when you feel like you’re too tired to write.

What follows is the soundtrack to my Camp NaNo novel, SAMSON. I wanted a dark, creepy atmosphere to the story, so I picked a lot of dark, creepy songs, some of which actually gave me nightmares. It was a bad idea to listen and write before going to bed.

1. “The Moribund People” – Peccatum
2. “No Reflection” – Marilyn Manson
3. “Crucifere” – ETHS
4. “Le Portail de la Vierge” – Anorexia Nervosa
5. “Downfall” – Trust Company
6. “Ich Tu Der Weh” – Rammstein
7. “My Eyes” – Nero
8. “White Rabbit” – Collide
9. “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” – Skrillex
10. “Smile” – The Crystal Method
11. “Forgotten” – Spineshank
12. “Harder Better Faster” – Daft Punk
13. “Defeatism” – It Dies Today
14. “Nepenthe” – Opeth
15. “Dissolve” – Switchblade Symphony
16. “Godlike” – KMFDM
17. “Code of Honor” – Deadlock
18. “All Pain is Gone” – Combichrist
19. “Strobe” – deadmau5
20. “Fall No More” – Bella Morte
21. “White Trash Wedding” – The Dixie Chicks (This song does not fit the general theme of the soundtrack; The Dixie Chicks are my main character’s favorite band.)
22. “Stay” – Flyleaf

2 thoughts on “S is for Soundtrack”

  1. Soundtrack is a good method to stimulate the subconscious to give us our ideas… best ideas comes to us when we get lost and let our subconscious to speak, since our conscious is too busy with our reality, the ideas that comes from there are a bit hazy… 🙂


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