K is for “K”

It might be the grammar Nazi in me, but words that start with K and shouldn’t annoy me. (“Rice Krispies,” “Krusty the Klown,” “Pita Krunch,” “Kool” cigarettes, the band “Korn”, etc.) I think people do it mainly to be cutesie (should I make that kutesie?) or unique, but it just makes me think they don’t know how to spell. Interestingly enough, the Ku Klux Klan started the phenomenon of using K for words that start with the hard C sound. I think that should be good enough reason to stop spelling words with K that should be spelled with C.

In our language, which is already full of abbreviations and acronyms, we have shortened the already tiny word “OK” into just “K” in text messages, emails, and Tweets. That gets on my nerves too, and it probably shouldn’t. I ought to have better things to worry about.

So basically, there was no point to this blog – just a grammar nerd’s mindless rant. 🙂 And I couldn’t think of anything interesting enough that started with K.

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