F is for Fast Food

I once read somewhere that the McDonald’s logo was more recognized all over the world than the Christian cross. Sad, but true. Fast food is ubiquitous. You can’t go down a major road in this country without seeing fast food restaurants. They’re advertised so much that you immediately recognize their slogans, their logos, and their catchy radio jingles. It’s fast food that gives Americans the stereotype of being fat and lazy.

A few months ago, I read Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser, which is essentially an expose of the fast food industry in America. The book is not one to be read while you are eating, as it goes into detail about the unfortunate animals most fast food comes from, how much preservatives are used in it, the conditions under which it is prepared and served, etc.

The scary thing is that fast food tastes good… and it’s somewhat addictive. Even after reading the book (but not immediately after), I still had the urge to go to Arby’s and get myself a roast beef sandwich and some mozzarella sticks. But fast food is like any other food, really: Eat in moderation. Nothing is healthy if you eat just that one thing and nothing else. I believe that fast food can be incorporated into a good diet; it depends on what you order and how often you order it. And lately, fast food chains have been putting healthier items on their menus, so perhaps in the future, fast food won’t have quite the reputation it does today.

However, what the majority wants is what the majority gets. You see the drive-thru lines. They can get pretty packed. People know how unhealthy fast food is, yet they still decide to eat it far more often than is healthy. So as long as people keep buying fast food, fast food restaurants will continue to exist in the same form they do today, and serve the same or similar items. And this can be quite unfortunate.

10 thoughts on “F is for Fast Food

  1. I have never been a big fan of the fast food chains, but i’ll eat it if i have to! I love French fries though… in moderation! By the way, i love that photo!


    • Yeah, I thought the idea of fast food logos on fingernails was unique… and just a little bit obsessive, haha!


  2. We rarely eat fast food. Last time was a couple of months ago when we split some fries and a sundae at Checkers.

    We do occasional get a cheese sub at Subway and load it up with all the great veggies . . . it’s like salad on a bun. 😀


  3. I read a book once that said “we should just take down the Statue of Liberty and put up the Golden Arches. At least then everyone would know what to expect.”

    And it’s really true. We are a huge fast food country. It’s all about convenience these days.


    • Yep. I think that at this point, the golden arches sum up America more than the Statue of Liberty, unfortunately.


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