Narrating Your Life

I once read somewhere that people who are meant to be writers will often narrate their lives in their head, or that certain events in their lives will play out like a movie in their minds. Not sure if that’s true for everyone or not, but it sometimes happens with me.

There was an episode of Family Guy where Peter narrated a piece of his own life. Of course, that was an extreme and comical example, and the reason it was funny was because it was true.

Sometimes it can amuse us to narrate or make a mental movie out of other peoples’ lives. I think fanfiction writers do this all the time, but for fictional people. All this mental narration can inspire us to write new stories, or to invent new scenes for our existing stories. When I’m idle at home or at work, I sometimes amuse myself by playing a mental movie of my story in my head, and that can often spawn new ideas.

One time, just because I felt like doing something different, I wrote in my journal in third person instead of first. “Maggie did this, she did that,” instead of “I did this, I did that.” It felt quite odd, but it was interesting because it enabled me to see the events of my life (or at least the events of just that one day) from the perspective of an outsider. Of course, that was the only time I did it; it just felt a little too alien, and too self-centered. But it was a neat experiment.

Do you narrate your own life? Or do you find yourself making mental movies starring you or your characters?

3 thoughts on “Narrating Your Life”

  1. Mental movies are common in my mind – either with my own life of a scene in my novel. Yes, it definitely does spawn new ideas. Great post 🙂


  2. I do lots of “script-writing in my head. I don’t know which came first . . . the writer or the mental dialogues.

    Either way, it keeps me from EVER being bored. 😀


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