The Future of THE ARCHIVES

Yesterday, I printed my “novella-in-verse” off the computer so that I could read it over and get a sense of how to revise it. THE ARCHIVES is currently somewhere around 37k words and each of its 365 chapters is a short poem. When I had it posted on FictionPress, it got well over 300 good reviews… in fact, I don’t think it received a single negative one. That’s what gave me the hope that perhaps this work-in-progress was “the one” that would be most successful if it ever got published. Its intended audience (teenage girls) had found it, they were enjoying it, and they could relate to it. And it’s definitely the shortest thing I’ve ever written, so that will make revision/editing a bit easier. I can more easily “see” it as a whole.

I have a few ideas for its revision.

-Give it a bit more conflict earlier on in the story.

-The pacing is off in a few places.

-I realized I use certain words/phrases too often.

-Combine some of the chapters so that it doesn’t feel so fragmented/choppy.

-Not sure whether I want to keep the chapter titles… I’m thinking of getting rid of them.

-Characters act “out of character” at times.

I was also (just out of curiosity) doing a bit of research on agents and which agents accepted books similar to what I have written. I got a few names, and also the names of a few publishing houses that accept such books. But I had to stop before I got overwhelmed. First things first… revision now, publication later.

6 thoughts on “The Future of THE ARCHIVES

  1. Fantastic! Good luck Maggie. It sounds like you’ve got a good plan in place and are moving forward.


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