A Writing “Hiatus”

Sometimes you  need a break from your work in progress so you can take a step back and determine whether or not it’s going in a good direction, or just to refresh your creative well. Or you could need a break because of work, family, or other life responsibilities… or even because of other writing projects.

I took a break from my main WiP (XIII) this past week, but it was more like a pseudo-break, since I really hate getting behind. So on Thursday (Tomorrow? Already?), I shall redouble my efforts and focus extra-hard on XIII. Interestingly enough, I’m already feeling the itch to go back to it.

I thought about taking a break from blogging for a little while, but I decided that I like blogging so much I couldn’t bear to be without it for a week or even a few days!

Even though a lot of writing books and instructors tell you that you ought to write every day, I think that it’s good to take a break every now and again, if only to focus on other things and wake up a sleepy muse. And of course, some people are going to need more breaks than others. Overall, do what feels right for you!

7 thoughts on “A Writing “Hiatus””

  1. I agree with everything you say here, Maggie. Breaks are good to wind down and reflect on your writing.


  2. I think you have to find your own pattern and find the way you can be most productive. I read author interviews where they right 9 – 5 every day and ones where they go away for a week and write it all then.


    1. That’s true. Some people can be incredibly productive, while others write at a more leisurely pace. It’s all about finding balance, I suppose.


  3. I hate taking a break. If I’ve been doing well for a while then I hate to step away in case the inspiration dries up, and if I’m stuck then I know the only way to get through it is to keep hacking away until I’m back in the zone.
    Often though, life finds a way of forcing me to stop.


    1. I don’t particularly like taking a break either, but sometimes, as you said, life gets in the way.


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