Do Something Different

A good way to increase productivity and creativity is to shake up your normal routine. Instead of following the same path you usually follow every day, change things around a little. Instead of checking your phone the second you wake up, why not read a passage from a book? If you always eat the same thing (or at the same place) for breakfast, do something a little different. Wake up a half-hour earlier or a half-hour later. Spend a whole day without the Internet or television.

It’s easy to get trapped in the “comfort” of your daily routine and forget that it’s not carved in stone. I find it very difficult to break myself out of my routine and do something different, but when I do switch up my routine now and again, I find it refreshing. I used to always write in my journal at night. It was a deeply ingrained habit, and it was comforting to know that whatever happened to me during the day (good or bad), I would later write about it and make sense of it before the day was over.

But I started writing in my journal in the morning, before I even turned on my computer, checked my phone, ate breakfast, or got dressed. At first, it was weird to me to be writing about the events of the day past (and the dreams of the night before), but now it’s an ingrained routine and I enjoy it. Sooner or later, I may switch back to writing in my journal at night.

Switching up routines may also help you if you’re experiencing writer’s block. If you usually write in the morning, write at night – or vice versa. Change the place where you write, or change the way you write. If you usually write on a computer, go to paper and pencil. Write with a typewriter if you have one. Do something different. It may help you and bring productivity back to you.

9 thoughts on “Do Something Different

  1. Great tips, Maggie.

    It’s interesting that the same advice–switching up your routine–even applies to studying for something. Those who routinely study for an exam in one place at one time tend to have more difficulty retaining information than if they vary the places and times they study.

    Maybe the same applies to writing; we get our creative juices flowing and tap into different parts of our imagination when we shake up our routine, as you mentioned.

    I just might brush off my laptop and work on the next chapter of my novel on my living room couch with the sun streaming down on me.

    Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂


  2. Good advice, and timely too! I need to do a few things to jump start my brain for some puzzling revisions…maybe switching things up is exactly what I need.


  3. I’ve also always wanted to try a typewriter and I remember my grandpa showing me his old one when I was young. I couldn’t write very well so I only wrote my name…
    Yes, shaking up daily routines are definitely a ‘refreshing’ thing to do. I also get stuck incredibly easily into my routine but must try to change it every now and again, as you so rightly say here.


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