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It feels like I haven’t actually written about writing on this blog in a very long time, which is interesting because this is supposed to be a writing blog, but has instead transformed into a place in which I can write whatever I want to.

So… here are some updates.

XIII: This is the WiP that has been a WiP since 2004. It’s an urban fantasy series involving Greek mythology and it’s currently in its (hopefully) last draft. My initial goal was to write one chapter of it per day and amazingly, I’ve been keeping up, even though on Sunday I was four chapters behind and had to take the entire day to get caught up. Once it is all written, I will keep it dormant for about a month or so, then read it back and make notes, edit, change things, etc. – but NOT rewrite the whole thing again, then send it out for some critiques. But that’s not happening until 2013 or sometime thereabouts. XIII is living (Is “living” the appropriate word? Well, the story does live in my mind…) proof that writing is not about instant gratification. AT ALL.

Challenge of XIII: Sometimes it feels like the pacing is off in some places. And I have a hard time determining if I’m revealing the backstory as it should be revealed; am I revealing too much too soon, too little too late, etc.

Best Part of XIII: I know my characters. I know exactly where I want the story to go and what has to happen in the end. The entire thing is mapped out, it’s just a matter of putting the words in the right order… which is always the hardest part.

OVERWORKED AND UNDERPAID (AKA OaU): I’ve been working on this thing since it was a horrible NaNoWriMo 2011 draft… wait, it still is. It’s a soap opera involving the lives of a bunch of crazy people who work at a restaurant (and trust me, working at a restaurant will drive anyone crazy), but what I wanted to do was turn it into a novel with a defined end and beginning, instead of letting it run amok. I also wanted it to have some paranormal elements, but I’m not quite sure where to go with that.

Challenge of OaU: I think I have too many characters. I’m trying to focus on the POVs of just a few of them, but even that can be overwhelming. I’m still trying to get to know them all and figure out how they should interact with each other to bring drama to the story.

Best Part of OaU: I had the seeds of the idea for this story back in 2007, and I created a character called Thomas whom I had totally forgotten about… until I made up a “new” character also called Thomas who had the same traits as the old Thomas. I guess he was still hanging around in my subconscious even when I thought I had forgotten about him. And he is my main character – the “hero” of the story… if a story of this nature can even have a hero.

EVERYTHING ELSE: I still have a bunch of projects that are on hold, and I don’t know how long they will be on hold. I’m assuming they’ll quickly tire of hearing that tinny on-hold music in their ears and they will hang up before long… but I’ll call them back and keep bugging them. I still plan on revising THE ARCHIVES in May and quite possibly sending it somewhere to get published, since it appears to be the WiP of mine that has the most promise thus far…

That’s it with the updates. All in all, I can’t complain. I’m happy with my progress. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Update Post!

  1. You seem very busy! But don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that you put some much time and effort into your writing.
    ‘OaU’ sounds like my type of book. I think some paranormal elements will make it sound even more amazing – good luck!


  2. I like how you were able to analyze the best and worst aspects of your WIPs. I think you will go very far with them both because you are open to improvement while still recognizing their strengths. Good luck!


  3. XIII sounds real interesting, and it sounds like you have a good plan for it. And in terms of pacing and how to reveal the backstory and when, feedback will help a bit with that.

    I look forward to reading these books, someday, in some form.


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