The People We Look Up To

I’m not one of those people who learns from their own mistakes. I learn from the mistakes of others. For instance, I know that drugs are bad. I know that based on stories I’ve read and heard about people getting into drugs and falling into an abyss that is difficult to get out of. I think the common consensus in the world is that drugs are bad. Kids are taught this in school from an early age. Yet some of them still grow up and do drugs. They haven’t learned from the mistakes of others. They want to go out and make their own mistake. Hopefully, they will learn from it.

I listen to stories people tell about divorce and I have learned that one of the most important things in life is to be discerning and choose your mate carefully. After all, that person is going to be there with you forever. Going into marriage is not the same as buying a car or buying a house or choosing which college you’re going to attend. Marriage is eternal. All those other things will pass away. So why jump into a relationship without looking where you leap?

I think that is why we look up to the people we look up to. Because they may be examples of where we want to be at a certain stage in our lives. They may remind us of older versions of ourselves. They may have some talent that we’d like to possess. They may be wise or smart or truthful. Their stories may inspire us to do as they did – or to not do as they did.

There are quite a few people I look up to: women who go to my church, people I work with, certain authors, saints, family members, etc. These people give me an ideal to aspire to. But even so, it is important to remember that our role models are human and they make mistakes. Nobody is infallible. Above all, we must learn from not only our mistakes, but the mistakes of others, so we do not fall into the same ruts.

Y’all have a great day! (Wow, I used the word y’all…)

4 thoughts on “The People We Look Up To

  1. Some people who make these types of mistakes are prone to addiction or live in unstable environments. Hopefully they will stumble across posts like yours so they can be reminded that their are other options out there and how important it is to have a role model to look up to! 🙂


  2. Ooh, what a lovely message at the end there…
    I definitely hear what you’re saying here. I also think that we all learn from others and if you think about it, how else would we know what we know? Making mistakes is not a bad thing, it’s totally healthy. Great post!


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