Featured website: yourbookauthors.com

It’s been a long time since I did a featured website post. Your Book Authors seems like it’s a site dedicated to helping self-published authors find fans and an audience for their books. If you post your book on the website, it allows you to make a link to where readers can buy your book (they can be e-books or actual paper books, from what I understand) and it keeps a count on how many people have visited your book’s page and left comments there. There is a forum and different “groups” which can be fan clubs for a particular author or genre. 

The site isn’t very big yet, and it’s not something I would personally use, but it might be a good way of getting your work out into the public eye if you’re self-published, or if you read a lot of indie books and you’re looking for people who share your interest. The site requires a lifetime fee of $1.99 to join, and although it’s a small fee, it’s up to you to decide if it would be worth it to share your book here, or if you’d rather promote it on other sites.