Another Look at Goals

It feels like it’s been ages since I made my New Year resolutions, when in reality it’s only been roughly three months or so. Maybe that’s because ever since mid-January or so, I’ve fallen into a type of twilight zone regarding work and my personal life. Self-help books and other sources will always tell you that it’s not about having more time to do things, it’s about making use of the time you do have. I suppose I’m still trying to work on how to better organize my time so I don’t feel so far behind on everything.

A lot of the things I have to do are more or less errands that I keep putting off because I don’t really want to do them… like getting my hair trimmed and buying certain things I need (I hate shopping in most cases). I also have quite a few goals that are more complex and require sub-goals.

1. I wanted to try and submit some of my bazillions of poems somewhere so they won’t be sitting on my flash drive and in my notebooks collecting dust.
2. Even though I really dislike writing short stories, I ought to practice writing some so I can get them critiqued, send them off somewhere, and make a name for myself in publishing.
3. Decide what direction I should take my neglected WiP in…
4. Learn Adobe InDesign. Most every job I go to apply for requires (or recommends) knowledge of InDesign, and it’s something I never learned and is probably fairly easy.
5. Re-learn HTML and CSS. I remember how much I enjoyed it, and I kind of miss it. Plus, it comes in handy… and it’s a nice skill to have.

That’s more or less an abbreviated list. And it helped me organize my brain a little bit. For my readers… good luck on all your goals – I’m rooting for you! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Another Look at Goals”

  1. Best of luck to you in achieving all of your goals AND your sub-goals. You’re moving right along, I’m sure. Screw the hair trim, your hair looks fine. I’m happy to be introduced to your blog, Maggie. Thanks for the comment on my poem! Cheers!


  2. I’m right there with you, Maggie. In fact, I’ve been searching for a project manager package for my computer that would gently nag me to keep up with my myriad tasks. I MIGHT have found one, and if you move quick, you can get it for nothing. Today (February 29) it is the featured download on They post a new software package every day, 365 days a year. Many of them are useless to me, being yet another CD burner or Image editor, but I’ve happily found quite a few gems. Today’s is a time management package called Pomodoro Ap. The trick is you have to get whichever product is being featured on the day they present it. Anytime else, and you have to pay for it.

    Take a look, and let me know of it helps.

    Now, I hope you see this comment before the day is out.


  3. Thank you for the luck! Your goals are sensible and good luck on achieving them. Just remember – you can do anything if you set your mind to it.


  4. Maggie
    It turns out that if you go to their site they have a free version that will do it all! See today’s 9:30 (Pacific) post on for details..


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