I dream about cars quite often. Most of the time, when I dream about cars, I’m driving and I try to stop at red lights, but no matter how hard I hit the brakes, the car keeps rolling forward. Or else I dream that I’m driving somewhere far away, somewhere I would have no reason to go to in real life, but it’s a place I wanted to see for a long time.

Last night I dreamed about my mom’s old car, which was a dark blue 1988 Acura Legend (which is nothing more than a fancy Honda). That car had over 200k miles on it before it finally croaked. But anyway, I was in some kind of city that was all gray and crumbling down like the apocalypse had hit it, and I was driving that car through the city, looking for survivors. I remember thinking that it was a hot day and that the leather seats in the car would be painful if someone sat on them. I finally did find some survivors, and they were going to get in the car, but then they said they had their own car. So I got out of my car and got into theirs.

I have no idea what that dream means, but it made me think of cars. Like I personify houses and settings, I also personify cars. To me, each vehicle has its own personality based on what it looks like, who drives it, what dents and bumper stickers are on it, what country it’s from, etc. A lot of people (including me) name their vehicles, polish them up, and treat them almost like pets, in a way. One of these days, I’ll write a story in which a car is a character, like Stephen King’s Christine or that Pixar movie Cars.

It was an interesting, yet random thought.

4 thoughts on “Cars

  1. We converge a bit on this one. (Hopefully not a head-on convergence) ))
    I often dream of driving and having both brake and steering issues. I can’t tell you how often I’ve driven down a steep hill with an intersection at the bottom, and have had to swerve to miss cross traffic in dreams. Frustrating.
    In the sequel to FIVE (aptly titled SIX) I have a psychopath baddie who talks to cars, and kills them if he can’t make them answer him. Fun guy.


  2. I love cars with a passion and have always found it odd that something which features so prominently in all our lives and which many of us give names and characters too has so rarely been used as anything other than a prop.


    • I know. It’s interesting how we take things for granted and we don’t really stop to think about them in different ways. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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