Young Adults and the Job Market

Supposedly, the job market is picking up and getting itself back on track. But it’s still a hard struggle for young adults to get full-time work, become independent, get married, and achieve other milestones.

I would argue that going to school and getting a bachelor’s degree is still easier than it’s ever been in history, even with the economy being as sad as it is. Yes, the costs of college have risen quite a bit, but there is always the option to go to a community college for two years and transfer to a four-year college. That saves a lot of money. There are still all kinds of grants and scholarships out there.

A lot of young adults are spending more time in school in order to postpone having to get a job in a tough economy. Ironically, young adults with more advanced degrees are having an even harder time finding a job than those with bachelor’s degrees. That notion makes it seem as if going to college for a Master’s or PhD is a waste of time… but it’s not! Hang in there, and things will get better.

It’s true that it will be a lot harder for young adults to save for their future, move out of their parents’ house, get married, etc. But it’s all in the way you look at it. In a way, this tough economy is a test of our generation’s strength during a trying time. Instead of allowing ourselves to be backed into a corner and feeling like we have no options, we ought to do our best with what we have. We may be living with our parents when we desperately want independence. We may be stuck in part-time retail or restaurant jobs. We may feel like we’re going to college just to fill the time.

But things will look up. Take time to develop your skills and look on the bright side. Work hard and good things will come your way. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Young Adults and the Job Market

  1. I moved back home after my undergraduate degree to be able to pay for my postgraduate in the hopes that would better equip me for a career. Still living at home at 23 after finishing studying, but i’m working a bit of a crummy full-time job but slowly saving up for my own place while jobhunting for something better. I’m glad my parents are able to help me out by charging less rent than anyone else would.
    It’s a tough job market for my generation and been rejected many times, but will keep going!


    • I still live at home and I’m 23, too. It’s a good deal, because, like you said, my parents charge less rent. And you’re right, all we can do is keep going. 🙂


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