Everyone (unless you’ve been living under quite a large rock or you just don’t care at all) knows that the Super Bowl was yesterday and that the Giants beat the Patriots. (I honestly didn’t see that one coming, but who knows – I don’t study or analyze these things.) So I figured it was time to write a blog about sports, since I find it interesting that I haven’t written about them yet.

I’ve never been a big fan of sports, but I’d rather be physically playing a sport or watching it live than watching it on TV. If I had to pick a favorite sport, I’d have to say basketball, only because that’s the only game I can play or watch with any rudimentary understanding of what’s going on. I was also fairly decent at it back in middle school.

Football is almost totally incomprehensible to me, but I understand how people can get really involved in it and that it can take a good deal of intelligence to come up with game strategies… thereby destroying that “dumb jock” stereotype. Paper football is another story… I completely understand that game and enjoy playing it.

Baseball is also something I could never hope to understand. I don’t even like playing baseball (or softball, which is what they usually make the girls play). There’s something nerve-wracking about stepping up to that plate and preparing to hit the ball with the bat. Nine times out of ten, I can’t hit the ball, let alone muster the strength to send it sailing across the sky.

There’s also been some debate on whether or not cheerleading is a true sport. I would argue that it is… and that cheerleaders put a lot of effort into what they do. Unlike football, baseball, basketball, etc., there is no true “season” for cheerleading; it goes on all the time. Cheerleaders absolutely must remain in shape and physically fit in order to succeed at what they do. Yes, cheerleading isn’t something involving a ball, but it’s still a sport in my eyes. They go to competitions, and perform stunts that can sometimes be extremely strenuous.

My question for you is… do you like watching or playing sports? What’s your favorite one?

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  1. Um no, I’m not a sports girl I’m afraid. I’ll watch football if England play and I’ll watch Wimbeldon but other than that I give it a miss. The only sport I enjoy doing myself is ice skating. I used to play netball at school too.


  2. I’d rather play sports than watch. Okay, I’d rather play tennis. Nothing else, unless rock-climbing is considered a sport? (Some people compete, some don’t – I never did.) Sadly, I’ve played tennis once since my 3-year-old was born, and haven’t climbed since I got pregnant with her.

    I was living under a rock – your blog post informed me who won yesterday. On Saturday I had to list six or seven football teams before I guessed correctly which ones would be playing on Sunday.


  3. I knew who was playing (it’s been hard to ignore in NY, and I’m friended with some big football fans on Facebook). I only knew who won because I happened to be on FB at the time. I found out a few details in the radio this morning.

    The only team Ireally followed was the Mets in the 1980s. That was an exciting team. Since then, I mostly don’t pay much attention. Oh, and I used to go to equestrian events with my ex, who was a horsewoman.


  4. I like playing rather than watching, but then again, i really dont play much anyhow!! I like basketball as well, though I’m not good at it. I actually love it, but havent really gotten a chance to play. I can’t stand to watch any sport for long at all.

    I don’t understand football, and therefore don’t watch it that much. I just know who I want to win and if they do or not. That as far as it goes for me.


  5. Gymastics and cheerleading seem to be sports to me. I love participating in some sports ~ frisbee, tennis, biking, walking, dancing, swimming, croquet, ping pong, shuffleboard, bocce ball, volleyball, pool, badminton, etc.

    As a kid, I enjoyed field hockey, soccer, softball, and basketball.

    I’ve never played football . . . nor do I want to. And I only watch once a year . . . the Super Bowl. Not because I generally care who wins, but because I want to keep BFF company.

    We had fun watching yesterday ~ one of the best Super Bowls ever. Exciting from first to last. And we had lots of lovely things to nibble on. 😀


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