Versatile Blogger Award (3!)

This week I have been the recipient of another blog award! Thank you so much to Ben of Story Multiverse for giving me my third Versatile Blogger award. 🙂

And here are the rules:

1. Add a picture of the award. (Done!)
2. Thank your nominator. (Done – thanks again, Ben!)
3. Choose 15 other deserving bloggers. (You know my rules on this… if you’re in my blogroll to the right, you’re awesome and you get the nomination.)
4. List seven random facts about yourself. (See below.)

And here are more random factoids.

1. I wrote my first story when I was in fourth grade. It is the worst story in the universe, and yes, I still have it.

2. For some reason, I’ve been wanting to play basketball lately. I have no idea why. Probably because basketball is the only sport I have at least a rudimentary understanding of.

3. If I read a fantasy novel, it has to have a romantic subplot, otherwise, I just won’t be that invested in it.

4. I weighed five pounds, two ounces when I was born (and I wasn’t premature).

5. When I was in 9th and 10th grade, my favorite part of the day was night time, when I would write in my journal and listen to music. Those were some good times.

6. I can’t dance. Or swim. Instead, I flail around aimlessly.

7. If I ever have a son, his name will be Peter.

If you’re in my blogroll, feel free to accept the award and post it to your blog. 🙂

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