Controversial Topics #1

Last week, I said I was going to write about some controversial topics, not because I want to start drama or blast people with my opinion, but because I’ve wanted to write about them… to be brave. So here goes…

Abortion. It’s quite a complex matter. Some believe that abortion is the murder of an unborn child. Some believe that abortion is a simple and safe medical procedure. And of course, there are opinions between the extremes. I’ve followed both sides of the abortion debate on Tumblr for quite some time, and I’m actually impressed by how well people argue for their side of the issue: by using legitimate sources and not resorting to flame wars or ad hominem attacks.

I personally believe that life is sacred. I believe that sex is sacred and is not to be taken lightly. When you have sex, you are responsible for the consequences every time you have sex. The purpose of sex is to create new lives, and thus the biggest consequence of sex is pregnancy, which is how life begins. We all began life as tiny balls of cells hidden inside our mothers… unless we were born in a test tube, which is an entirely different debate.

It’s easy to paint with black and white and say, “Abortion can never be justified,” or “abortion can be justified in all cases.” What about children that would be born with severe illnesses or disabilities? What about cases of rape or incest? What about times when the mother’s life would be in danger if she carried a pregnancy to term? There are all kinds of unique cases that aren’t easy to put in black and white. That’s where the lines become blurred and we start to talk about the quality of life, among other factors.

Yes, I believe life is sacred and is not something that should be taken lightly. Quality of life is a big factor in the abortion debate. It is true that being born of a forced union (rape) or being born with a disability or illness would possibly hinder quality of life. But quality of life is subjective. Your idea of a “high” quality of life might be different from mine. Who’s to say that one person’s quality of life is better than anyone else’s? It’s a question I honestly cannot answer. But does life become any less sacred when quality of life is perceived as low? I don’t think so. Life is life, and to me, life is all equally sacred.

I will not speak for anyone else. You might have had an abortion. I will not hate you or make you feel guilty. It was your choice, and in your eyes, it was justified. You might have sex. But the responsibility for your sexual activities is not mine. It’s yours. And the choices you make about the consequences of sex are not mine to judge. I don’t believe people have a right to tell others what to do with their bodies, whether that’s to get an abortion or carry the pregnancy to term. Yes, by all means – guide others and give advice, but above all, THEIR CHOICE IS THEIR OWN.

Feel free to share whatever thoughts you like. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Controversial Topics #1

  1. It’s good to see a mature discussion of this controversial subject. Personally, I have my own opinion on whether abortion should be justified, but I definitely agree that the choice belongs to the person and their individual situation. And nobody, unless they are abusing their rights to have an abortion, should be judged.


  2. Abortion should not be used as a means of “birth control.” If you don’t want to get pregnant, use other methods to avoid getting pregnant.

    That said, if a woman takes precautions that “fail” . . . should she be obligated to carry a baby she doesn’t want for 9 months while the man gets to walk away without repercussions?

    Not in my book. 😉

    Also, the mother has ties to the community that trump those of an unborn fetus. If her life is in danger and she wants to terminate the pregnancy . . . she should go for it.


  3. I think abortion is wrong but not in the instance of life of mother. I would not trade my wife for my child (Im not married).

    I think the problem with most of the arguments is a lack of proper perspective. Society sometimes places much value on living things like plants and animals but seem to so easily shrug off the lives of babies. They say that the life is just a bunch of cells and has no real meaningful value but what kind of life is it? It is human life. That group of cells is a future you and me. It is no less important to the human development than any other stage. A child is not any less human or worthy of constitutional rights because it isn’t an adult. Nor is a 1 year old any less worthy of its rights.

    A male fetus is a person in its beginning stages of development. If he doesn’t go through that stage he will not become an adult. A child is not as developed as an adult but that is because he hasn’t had the chance yet. He is still growing. So it is unfair to hold less regard for a person in the fetus stage just because he/she hasn’t “developed” yet.

    If a farmer plants a seed that seed germinates and becomes life. Just like when a man plants his seed in a woman. That group of cells is the germination of the seed. Its alive! And what kind of life is it? Human.

    The quality of life argument is kind of silly. Nobody knows that childs future. And just because the parents are poor, does not mean they will always be poor. Killing the baby does not solve the problem. The parents will still be poor. A better way is to help them get out of poverty, not remove the child.

    Their are other ways of dealing with pregnant women who cannot raise a child. Abortion is never the answer. Besides, many people have grown up in poverty, sickness and disease and even captivity and still grew up to have wonderful lives.

    There are other options than abortion.


    • I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to sacrifice my own life for the life of my unborn child if I was pregnant and my life would be endangered if I carried the child to term. I’ve never been in that situation, and God willing, I never will be.

      “Society sometimes place much value on living things like plants and animals, but seem to so easily shrug off the lives of babies.” – Totally agree with that. And that’s why I don’t like organizations like PETA.

      “Besides, many people have grown up in poverty, sickness and disease and even captivity and still grew up to have wonderful lives.” – Truth.

      Thanks, Mitchell!


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