Controversial Topics

I wanted to make a list of controversial topics I could one day discuss on here. Eventually I want to get brave enough to talk about my opinion on these things without caring whether or not I lose subscribers/followers. My belief is that it’s important to talk to and listen to those who hold beliefs that differ from my own and to hear all the different sides of an argument. Everyone (well, the majority of everyone) probably has some kind of opinion on these important things, whether it’s a well-informed opinion or not.

1. Abortion
2. Gay marriage (or marriage in general)
3. Immigration
4. Gun control
5. Sex education
6. Animal rights
7. Affirmative Action
8. Alcohol and cigarettes
9. 2012 election
10. Death penalty and euthanasia
11. Legalization of marijuana
12. Environmental protection
13. Genetic engineering
14. Feminism/women’s rights
15. The economy/scarcity of jobs

That’s just a few. Eventually I’ll come up with some more. Feel free to make suggestions!

10 thoughts on “Controversial Topics

  1. Here’s my controversial point of view: while people can enter into mature debates on these topics, many of the topics are so loaded emotionally that just as often people wind up saying inflammatory or hurtful things about them (whether they mean to or not). I suppose, on your blog, it’s especially good that you moderate comments like you do, because when you do tackle these controversial topics, comment moderation might come in very handy.


    • That’s true – people can get very defensive and take things the wrong way whether they’re intended to be offensive or not.


  2. Good list! Also, as a former debater, I concur that it’s important to talk about issues, and also to listen to people that you might not normally.

    Here’s a few to add:
    1. Religion
    2. Globalization
    3. Foreign intervention (and foreign aid)
    4. Big government/small government
    5. State (or local) government/federal government
    6. Capitalism, communism, and socialism (economics in general)


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