Lacking Confidence

We all get to that point where we feel like our efforts are in vain. We hear about how companies like Amazon and self-publishers are reinventing the publishing world as we know it, so advances are getting lower and chances of becoming traditionally published are becoming slimmer and slimmer. We hear about our friends getting published and starting new drafts and we start to feel guilty that we’re not working as hard as they are because things hold us back.

Or the crisis of confidence may have nothing to do with writing. Maybe we’re wondering where our lives are going to lead, what’s going to happen with our careers, what’s going to happen with the economy… etc. All of that stuff can make us feel like just another number, another statistic.

But no matter what type of problem you have, or what crisis of confidence you have, know that there must surely be someone out there who is going through what you’re going through. Yes, it’s true that there is always someone out there who is in a “better” situation or someone who is more “successful” or “productive” than you. But there is also someone out there who is worse off than you.

It helps to keep things in perspective. When we’re in the midst of a confidence crisis, the best thing to do is move forward through it – with faith in ourselves that things will get better, our inspiration will return, a path in life will show itself, etc. Reflect on your successes in the past. Reflect on what you have done wrong and strive to correct it. Keep moving forward and know that with every day, you will get stronger and more confident.

7 thoughts on “Lacking Confidence

  1. “Reflect on your successes.” This is the part that can be easy to skip. Especially because, as you say, we can always think of somebody who’s doing “better” than we are.

    But you’re right, there’s nothing like the support of others, both fellow writers and our closest readers. They’ll usually point out our achievements, even if we’ve managed to forget them for a moment ourselves.


  2. I think the problem with many people is they do not know who they are to God. When they realize just how precious they are in the eyes of the Lord they will have confidence in themselves. Because they know that they are His children. When we know that we can take on the world.



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