It’s Really Winter!

I live in North Carolina and we have had a fairly mild fall and winter so far. Two weeks ago, temperatures were in the 60s and 70s. Yesterday was probably the coldest day of the season, with temperatures only rising into the 30s. The wind chill made it seem even colder. The worst part about waking up on a cold day is when you look out the window and the sun is out, shining brightly, tricking you into thinking it’s going to be at least somewhat warm out.

I was scanning through Plinky for some prompt ideas and came upon this one, which was very appropriate.

What are your favorite ways to stay warm in the winter?

I guess I’d go with the typical: a cup of warm beverage (preferably coffee) or a bowl of soup. A nice fuzzy blanket or bathrobe. A good book. A cuddly cat sitting on my lap.

I remember back in high school, we used to go out and run around the track when it was 30 degrees out, and of course, everyone hated doing it. I didn’t particularly care for it either, but it was better than running in the summer, when you’re already hot just standing out there and then you’re going to go for a run and get even hotter. I think it’s better to run in the winter or fall, because you start out cold and work yourself up to being warm.

Even further back, in middle school, I took a creative writing class as one of my electives. It was out in a mobile classroom that had faulty heating, and the class was pretty early in the morning. Needless to say, it was very cold in that classroom by the time December rolled around. The feeling of getting my freezing fingers to hold a pen and write will always stick in my memory… and I remember that the physical act of writing would make me warmer. I suppose it was something like turning on a car and waiting for the engine to get warm. Strange, but that’s one of the winter memories that sticks out most in my mind.

How do you stay warm in winter?

11 thoughts on “It’s Really Winter!

  1. In London our winters are cold but not as cold as the rest of England. Today was about 8-10 degrees. However do you mean Fahrenheit when you say 60 and 70? I can’t imagine 60 degree heat – is that even bearable for humans? 😛


  2. Usually we have below zero temps around this time in Chicago but it has been a mild winter so far. I usually layer up as much as possible. As long as my feet are warm, I’m usually okay! 🙂


  3. I stay warm in winter . . . by staying in Florida. 😆

    But it’s a bit nippy here today ~ 57 at the moment (and probably the high for the day).


  4. I don’t mind cold so much. it’s hot weather I’m not so crazy about (particularly if it’s humid). I walk for exercise, mile or two a day, and I’ve never skipped a day for cold (I do miss days for rain and snow, though). Tara’s got the key things — layers, and leeping the extremities warm. And tea, of course. 🙂

    And, yes, writing is very good cold weather activity. It takes you a bit away from your immediate surroundings.


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