I’ve always been fascinated by handwriting. It’s weird, but sometimes after I’ve known a person for maybe a week or so, I start to wonder what his or her handwriting looks like, as if it’s going to give me some kind of insight into their personality. There are certain quizzes out there that say they can determine personality from handwriting, but I doubt they’re even true. They say that if you have messy handwriting, you must be disorganized, but I would consider myself pretty organized and my handwriting is horrible. Maybe I’m the exception to the rule. Who knows?

It’s a common stereotype that doctors have messy handwriting, but one of my dad’s doctors has the nicest handwriting ever. It’s so neat it’s like a font on the computer. Sometimes I wish I could put it into the computer and use it as a font on Microsoft Word. (There is indeed a computer program out there that can turn anyone’s handwriting into a font. Hmm…)

Supposedly people who handwrite a lot have bad handwriting – that’s definitely true for me. Even in elementary school, my handwriting was never that great. I had my best handwriting in seventh grade, then it all went downhill from there. I started writing by hand a lot in eighth grade, so that may have caused the deterioration of my handwriting, but I’m not too sure. When I was in college, I honestly could never figure out how I made good grades on all those handwritten essay tests – it’s a wonder my professors could even read it. I can write somewhat neatly, but it’s painfully slow and I end up losing patience, just scribbling my way through whatever needs to be written. That is why I end up typing most everything I write.

I love getting cards and letters from my older relatives because their handwriting is so perfect. In a way, I wish cursive wasn’t dying out because that beautiful handwriting just looks so much more professional and aesthetically pleasing than a hastily-scribbled print message.

So what are your thoughts on handwriting? Do you think personalities can be determined by handwriting? Do you type or handwrite more? Do you like your own handwriting? Let me know. 🙂

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  1. I handwrite more because it’s quite a pleasant experience (even though my handwriting’s a mess). I’ve heard that people with round and curvy writing are more happier whereas people with pointy writing are a little less happier. And it has shown from when I compare people to their handwriting. An example would be me – my handwriting is quite bubbly and as I write the pen is flowing along the page very easily. And I’d consider myself quite a cheerful person. ‘I’ve always been fascinated by handwriting’ – I definitely agree with that. A great post!


  2. I handwrite often. My novel drafts are usually handwritten, and I write in paper diaries. And, in this one case I can brag: my handwriting is very nice. Doing a lot of handwriting hasn’t caused it to degenerate into messiness, although writing a lot in one sitting can make my hand cramp up, and then the writing gets messy.

    One thing I’ve noticed: my handwriting goes through personality changes. Sometimes it’s small, other times large. Sometimes cursive, sometimes a bubbly print, and sometimes a hybrid of those & other things. It keeps things interesting.

    I love the idea of taking a person’s handwriitng and making it into a font. I like my husband’s all-caps writing quite a lot, but find it too slow to replicate. If I could type it out, it’d be a lot of fun.


    • That’s what happens to me. I write really fast to begin with, and that causes my hand to cramp sooner, so my handwriting falls apart after the first page or so. Thanks, Beth!


  3. I’m just like you! I’m a fairly organised person, yet my handwriting is, and always has been, pretty awful. Apparently it looks like spider crawl. I tend to mix between italicising my handwriting, then writing it normal. I’m not sure why.

    I even had a handwriting book in year 9, and was recommended a handwriting website by a tutor just last year!

    This is the reason I type up my writing.


  4. I think that handwriting can reveal some insights into aspects of our personality ~ especially our signatures.

    Tiny = lacking in confidence
    Big and bold = swimming in confidence.


  5. I handwrite a lot. Most of my first drafts are handwritten. I used to print out each draft (once it was typed into the computer), mark it up, by hand, make the edits on the computer, print it out again, etc. but now I do most of that on the Kindle.

    I’ve been handwriting my current project, but now I’m starting to put it on the computer so I can track the word count. I’m really trying to keep this one short(ish).

    Oh, and my handwriting is terrible: big, messy, all caps.

    I find the right pen can really minimize the hand cramps. I use Lamy fountain pens.


    • I just use whatever pen I can find. I really love those gel ink pens, but don’t often buy them because they run out of ink so fast…


  6. I found your blog because I’m currently trying to improve my handwriting as an adult. My cursive has gotten so sloppy over the years that I switched to printing about 15 years ago. So now I’m trying to relearn a lost art.


    • I’ve been trying to use cursive more often in order to get used to it again. It’s a shame it’s not enforced in schools anymore… Thanks for visiting my blog!


      • I think I need to work on my cursive, especially since my WIP seems to really want to be handwritten. I just wrote one paragraph in cursive, and I found I’ve forgotten the proper capital forms of some letters. That’s kind of embarrassing. 🙂


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