Astrology and the Zodiac

Today’s prompt on Plinky was

What’s your astrological sign? Does it mean anything to you?

I don’t place my faith in astrology. Horoscopes are only “true” because they are worded in such a way that they could be applicable to anybody going through anything. Sometimes they can be very accurate, but other days, they can be absolutely wrong.

I’m a Gemini, and I do have a few of the traits that define a Gemini, including fickleness and a talent for writing. I’m not a “social butterfly” at all, nor do I have a talent for multi-tasking. For the most part, I am not a true Gemini.

Every time I read a horoscope for my astrological sign, it wasn’t ever that accurate. Or, depending on how you read it, it could have been accurate. But I dismiss these things.

My Chinese zodiac sign is the dragon, and I don’t really have that many dragon-esque traits either. I’m not very “demanding” or “vigorous,” but I am rather eccentric. The range of traits fitting a dragon is so broad it could fit any person. Everybody has at least one of the defining traits of his or her zodiac creature.

Horoscopes and zodiac signs are fun to think about, but I don’t think there is any truth in them, nor should we look to them for advice or to help us define who we are. Each human being is so different that we cannot easily be classified into groups. There will always be parts of us that don’t seem to fit anywhere on any chart.

Do your traits match your zodiac creature or astrological sign?

4 thoughts on “Astrology and the Zodiac

  1. I’m a Leo. They say that Leo’s are best as leaders and can stand up to anyone – I’m the total opposite of that. Although I may be quite a confident person, I’d still rather cheer someone on then do something myself.


  2. I agree. I’ll look at my horoscope for fun but I don’t base my life on it. I’m more of a “closet” Leo…I like the spotlight but im not extremely social!

    Some people live by it and blame the differences on a birthday being on the cusp of another sign…


  3. I’ve known people who were into astrology, but it always seemed to be right about 50% of the time (unless you were willing to squeeze your view of reality around until you could make it fit the horoscope).

    At this point, I don’t even remember what qualities Aquarius people are even supposed to have. As I recall, some of them fit me and some didn’t.


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