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When I was younger, I loved to read fantasy novels. There was something very appealing about getting lost in a gigantic, 600-page book. As I got older, I stopped reading them as much because it seemed as though every fantasy novel was the same – the usual epic quest to defeat a dark being, dragons, elves, dwarves, and lots and lots of walking.

I started reading Terry Brooks’s The Sword of Shannara a few days ago, mostly because I missed getting immersed in an epic fantasy series. The book was published in 1977, and it has a lot of the characteristics that would be considered cliches today: the hero is someone relatively unassuming who has this great destiny to fulfill, there was a great war between the different races (Elves, Dwarfs, Gnomes), and a sword with mystical powers.

For some reason, I like the book, even though I didn’t really expect to. I guess I’m just excited to see what happens to the characters and whether they’ll succeed on their quest. I have a main character picked out and I’m hoping that he doesn’t die by the end of the book (because that’s what usually happens when I choose a main character). The only real issue I have with the book is that it doesn’t have any main female characters so far… and I like female main characters because they’re usually easier for me to sympathize with.

Here’s a list of good novels if you want to get into reading fantasy:

Rhapsody – Elizabeth Haydon
Dragonsbane – Barbara Hambly
Wizard’s First Rule – Terry Goodkind
Dark Dance – Tanith Lee
Tales from the Flat Earth: The Lords of Darkness – Tanith Lee

11 thoughts on “Back into Fantasy

  1. I’m not a big fantasy reader, HP has been my limit and I didn’t really get into the Lord of the Rings books although I liked the movies but I like the idea of getting lost in a big book so maybe I should have a go!


  2. That’s the beauty of the genre. It’s always changing, updating, moving forward – trends we saw when young can change when older, and as such, when we come back years later we may have a whole new experience therein. Besides, the style of fantasy, in particular, which most of the young stumble upon (or are handed) do tend to have a certain mentality – adult fantasy certainly isn’t so bound. Welcome back to the genre, and enjoy!


  3. My favorite fantasies are satirical ~ Gulliver’s Travels, Candide, etc.

    I’ve also enjoyed “children’s fantasy books” ~ Harry Potter, Mary Poppins, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit, etc.

    But not the Lord of the Rings ~ too epic a quest for me, I guess. 😉


  4. I’m not a very keen fantasy reader at all. However, Rhapsody is supposed to be very good – I might give it a try. Thank you!


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