100 Books

One of my New Year resolutions for 2011 has been completed! I originally said I was going to read 52 books during 2011, but I completed that goal midway through the year, on June 6. Then I made a new goal to read 100 books, and I completed that goal yesterday.

I didn’t pick the books for any real reason – I read whatever I wanted to read for pretty much any random reason I could think of. In other words, I didn’t specifically state that I wanted to read 10 classics, or 10 mysteries, or 10 romances. But here are five things I learned from completing this goal:

1. I don’t care much for mysteries.
2. I’ve lost my taste for romance novels because they’re always very predictable, no matter how many twists the author tries to throw in.
3. Books written by celebrities (whether they’re written by actual celebrities or ghostwriters) can actually be pretty good.
4. Sometimes the best books are the ones that look like they haven’t been taken out of the library in ages.
5. My mother and I have a totally different taste in books. She likes novels about King Arthur, King Henry VIII, etc. and I find those boring.

Let’s see how many more books I can read by the end of the year…

16 thoughts on “100 Books

  1. Hi Maggie, so how much time, per day, do you spend on a book, on average?

    This is quite an accomplishment. Were all of these borrowed from Library? How many were on ereader? You ARE seeing the sun right? ;p


    • I read really fast, so it’s probably about 45 minutes a day – it might even be less than that. The majority of those books were from the library and they were all good, old-fashioned paper books. πŸ™‚


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