Trenches of Revision, Part IX

I’m writing this blog/update a little after the fact… I’m no longer in the trenches with XIII. The great majority of the revision has been finished, and I shall be ready to rewrite in January. There are just a few more things I wanted to try and accomplish before then, namely reading back all my outlines and making sure they make sense and there are no gaping plot holes. I also wanted to go back and change a few character and place names, but that’ll be the easy part.

For the most part, XIII is a joy to write. The characters are so real to me that I think I could walk down the street and run into them. But because the story has elements of both fantasy and mythology, it can get a little complicated to keep the world’s rules and the order of things organized as I write.

I’m excited to start the newest draft of XIII in January. With every draft I start, it’s great to see how much the story and characters have progressed and how much my writing style has changed over the years. I can’t say whether it’s really gotten better or not, but it’s definitely changed – and that means something, at least. Good to know I’m not just staying stagnant.

4 thoughts on “Trenches of Revision, Part IX

  1. Is this the work your pursuing for NaNo month? Impressive word count. I simply only stay afloat.
    How do you approach revision? That’s what I’m wondering about my current WIP. In december, if it still intrigues me…I might rewrite , etc in order to perfect the art. It will be great to actually finish it. But its truly truly bare bones (so many errors and left out things, etc along the way…things I “discover” but don’t add in, just make the mental notes so I can proceed with the writing). So, I’m wondering how I will approach revision….open it up and start rewriting above the old, ??? what. Becuase the whole thing will seriously need to be torn apart, patched up, changed POV, etc etc.


    1. XIII was never a NaNoWriMo novel.

      But with revision, you usually do end up having to rewrite almost the entire thing, if not all of it. What I usually do is read the first draft over again, determine what I need to do to fix it, then start outlining the rewrite. It helps me see the bigger picture.


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