Publishing Trendsetter’s Life Cycle of a Book

Quite a while ago, I agreed to host a project for an awesome community called Publishing Trendsetter, which is geared toward young professionals in the publishing industry. The community provides support, knowledge, and ideas for those beginning their careers and it has recently finished a great infographic called Life Cycle of a Book.

Life Cycle of a Book details the journey of a book through the steps of publication: writing, editing, finding an agent, production, design, etc. Along with the colorful and informative PDF graphic, there are also videos of young professionals talking about each step in the publication process: what’s involved, the process, and their personal experiences in publishing.

You can see the Life Cycle of a Book videos and infographic here. Or you can go to the Publishing Trendsetter homepage to see featured videos. I think it’s an excellent tool for anyone who’s considering a job in publishing, or anyone who wants to know more about how the process works – and that includes aspiring writers!

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