Featured website: pangurpad.com

This website has chosen to sponsor NaNoWriMo this year, so I figured I should feature it on this blog. If you’re a participant in NaNo, you can get a trial membership that will give you many of the features of a paid membership.

With PangurPad, you can create timelines for your work, make notes, and keep everything organized by color-coding and linking related notes. Like many websites these days, it also has a social component: forums, genre-specific communities, and it also allows fanfiction and poetry.

It is also a distraction-free writing program, which means it doesn’t have a giant toolbar running across the screen like in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and similar programs. Some people find the expanse of white space inspiring or easier to deal with. There is a toolbar in PangurPad, but with a single click, you can hide it from view.

Check it out! You might find it useful for NaNo, especially if this is your first year.

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