Talking to Oneself

If I’m working on a story or have a problem with a story, it helps me to talk out loud to myself and vocalize my ideas. Somehow, that makes thoughts and ideas seem more concrete. I lose my train of thought more easily if it’s just going around the track in my head, and that’s why I prefer to either talk out loud to myself (with the doors and windows closed!) or write it all down on paper.

I don’t like calling it “talking to myself” because that makes it sound like I’m having a conversation going on in my head. “Hey, Self – what’s up?” “Oh, nothing much. Just going about my day.” That’s not the case. There’s no other voice in my head that answers a question I put out there, so I’m free from schizophrenia.

I consider it “thinking out loud” and use it in order to solve a problem that I’m having – whether that’s a problem with writing or with my personal life or whatever. The bad part is that it becomes a habit after awhile, and I start thinking out loud all the time and getting odd looks in the grocery store. I don’t really care though. It helps me lay out my thoughts better and bring order to my mind.

Anyone else have any odd habits like that?

12 thoughts on “Talking to Oneself

  1. I often talk out loud to myself! Sometimes just to see whether it flows correctly; sometimes singing lyrics to a song that I loved when I was younger just to get back into my mind when I was younger (I’m currently writing my autobiography). I just hope that this will help me into getting my work published!


  2. Overall, I’m quiet and shy. As a writer, my voice is mainly on paper. But if I go with a friend for a stroll, I’ll talk his ear off. It’s so weird but the fresh air must release all my inhibitions.

    Weird habits are the quirks that make us great at what we do. I can already imagine a character that talks to herself at the store or one that has epiphanies while taking her dog for a walk…It’s those differences that make us stand out from the crowd. As always, thanks for the great inspiration! 🙂


    • I’m the same – around a good friend I can talk forever and about anything without feeling embarrassed.

      Glad I could inspire!


  3. My facial expressions are quite strong. So whenever I go into a grocery store, for example, I’ll be looking at a new cereal thinking ‘Mmm that looks nice’ and nodding whilst thinking it. Sometimes I might do a little hum which is me telling myself my thoughts but in a discrete way.


    • I wish I could be as discrete as you. I catch myself thinking out loud in the grocery store and have to bite my tongue.


  4. When we “think out loud,” we access a different set of neurons and see things from a slightly different vantage point.

    That can work to our advantage . . . as long as we don’t get distracted by the stares we receive during our wondering and pondering. 😉


  5. I talk to myself a lot, though mostly the conversation conssts of me asking myself,”Now, what was I just doing?” after being interrupted. The lack of response just indicates that I have no idea what the answer is.

    I used to work with a guy who seemed to always be the losing contestant in a game show that was happening in his head. “Well, what if I try this? [buzzer sound] Wrong answer!” I thought it was a shame that he always lost. If a game show was happening in my head, I’d rig it so I could win occasionally.


  6. When I am in the bathroom, I tend to work out my scenes in the mirror. Voices, faces, even how my MC might wear her hair. I love to just practice stepping into the roles. Also in the shower I have fun with accents >_>


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