Featured website: inkubate.com

Inkubate allows its members to brand themselves and make themselves more attractive to agents and publishers. It’s essentially an online portfolio of your writing. Supposedly, if an agent or publisher likes your work, they will bid on it, and you will get paid every time someone views your work or negotiates for it. One caveat is that Inkubate must be the only place you are “submitting” your work – you can’t have it up on any other website or be shopping it around to other potential publishers/agents.

The site is attractive and easy to use. It includes a walkthrough of the steps necessary to post your work, but it’s currently only open to those who request an invite. It might be worth a shot, but I’d like to see what else goes on with it and wait until it gets a bit more active and popular before I look further into it.

6 thoughts on “Featured website: inkubate.com”

  1. You’re wise to be wary, Maggie.

    Until the site has a proven track record, I would be leary of the requirement that work can only be submitted to Inkubate. If the site promises more than it provides, writers might just be flushing their work down the toilet. 😉


    1. The site probably isn’t a “scam” . . . but it might not be effective at attracting agents and publishers to the site. If so submissions may languish in cyberspace without being “seen” by the right people.

      A non-exclusivity clause would make better sense for writers and put pressure on agents and publishers to snap up worthy work quickly.


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