Featured website: bookriot.com

If you like to talk about books, Book Riot would be a great website for you. Book Riot is part of the “social reading” phenomenon, in which reading becomes less of one person enjoying a book by himself and more of many people getting together to share books and opinions. Basically, it’s a type of online book club/blog/newsletter. The site is relatively new, so it’s just now gaining a following and is expected to grow in popularity.

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3 thoughts on “Featured website: bookriot.com

  1. I think I’ll pass on this one . . . what I like best about READING is the solitary nature of it. 😉

    Except when I can communicate directly with the author.

    Thanks, Maggie!


  2. Sounds interesting. I am, and I have to admit, not a very big reader… sigh. I know I am missing a lot. However, I love to write to express my thoughts and produce art, but struggle with quieting myself enough to read. I do admire those who have that connection with reading. Perhaps a blogriot community would be a good spark in helping me read more.
    Thanks for sharing Maggie.


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