The State of the Fair

One of the Freshly Pressed posts gave me an idea to write about this.

The N.C. State Fair is back in town… Well, it will be tomorrow. And I’m not going. There are people who live for the fair. They save up all year until they’ve accumulated a great amount of money to spend on rides, games, and food.

But for me, the State Fair is something you go to about once in five years. I went with my best friend last year, and we did have a good time, but after a while of walking around getting catcalls from booth attendants who want to rip you off, it ceases being fun. It’s almost always crowded no matter what time you go – and I get tired of mumbling “excuse me” every time I want to get through a crowd. Lines are long, and there are plenty of screaming, sticky-faced kids.

But there were some things I liked about the fair. The people-watching, for one. Going into those freaky funhouses with sliding floors and warped mirrors. The animal exhibits. Last year I got a free romance novel. Having fun with friends. Arts and crafts booths.

Even though I did have fun last year, when I think about going to the fair this year, I feel apathetic. There are many events closer to home that have the same type of thing, only with free admission and smaller crowds.

How do you feel about going to a state fair?

4 thoughts on “The State of the Fair

  1. I absolutely love all the chaos about it. I guess growing up and living in London has made me this way. But nevertheless – I love it (even if I do get frustrated).


  2. I have to agree with Nancy, I rather find moments of solitude that can be shared with a partner or small group. However, because I work with individuals with special needs, we often go to the fair. They really do love it.


    • That’s when it’s more fun – to go with little kids or special-needs individuals. It’s always amazing to see everything through their eyes.


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