A Successful Writing Experiment

On Wednesday, I finished the first draft of a novella I’ve been working on for a year. THE ARCHIVES was written in 100-word poems, one for each day of the year. I posted it on FictionPress, not thinking anyone would like it or read it or pay that much attention to it, but it turned out to be quite popular. Many of my readers were sad to see it end; they enjoyed the story that much.

The story started out as nothing more than a device to keep me entertained, practice a new form of writing, and keep my FictionPress page active. I didn’t plan it that much or put that much thought into it, but as the months went by, I found myself growing attached to the characters. I started to care more about their predicament and how they’d all turn out at the end of the story. I was actually pretty sad when I wrote the last chapter – the characters had really grown since I first started writing about them.

I would say that this writing exercise was a success and it taught me that I can indeed write in a form shorter and more condensed than a novel; something I never thought I could do. I plan on revising THE ARCHIVES eventually, then perhaps submitting it for publication somewhere after I get some qualified people to critique it.

Another good thing: I finished the story right before October, so that gives me the entire month before November to plan for NaNoWriMo! And I shall do that by way of writing exercises.

4 thoughts on “A Successful Writing Experiment

  1. That’s awesome, Maggie. Flexing your writing muscles is a great way to expand your reach.

    I did a Haiku Journal once ~ with 17-syllables per day for a year. It’s fun to look back over that “diary” of the year.


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