In my 5 Before 25 post, Huge commented that we make goals for ourselves all the times, but we rarely stop to think about the things we have actually accomplished over the years. We’re so focused on the future and getting better and having more.

So to put things in perspective, here are five things I’m most proud of having accomplished over the years:

1. Graduating at the top of my college class.

2. Having the courage to break away from a bad relationship.

3. One of my short-short stories was a finalist in a contest.

4. Completing NaNoWriMo three years in a row.

5. I’ve read 80 books so far this year.

It was oddly difficult to make that list, yet it’s easy for me to list what I haven’t done yet and push myself to do those things without even considering what I have already done. I suppose it’s part of human nature to discount what’s already been done. “Been there, done that – it was a piece of cake.” We ought to give ourselves more credit for our accomplishments and stop focusing so much on what else we can do. Just enjoy what you have, what you’ve already done, and how you’ve changed for the better because you did those things.

What are a few of your greatest accomplishments? How often do you look back on the things you’ve done over the years?

6 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  1. Good post.

    Maybe it’s my New England background, or my Quaker upbringing, but I tend to avoid listing my accomplishments, such as they are. But you’re right, it is good to look at them sometimes.

    When I’m working on a tricky bit of writing, for example, it is helpful to reflect that I have written two novels, both of which I’m quite pleased with.


  2. There’s a book called Simple Abundance that contains 365 essays for the year. September 14th reminded us to Give Ourselves Credit by acknowledging how far we’ve come . . . rather than looking ahead at how far we still want to go.

    I did something like this for the Real Simple essay contest last year which had as its theme “I never thought I’d . . .”

    It was lovely to think back on some of the surprising things I’ve accomplished. If you’re interested:


  3. It’s a good idea to look back and think about your achievements, like you I often get stuck on my wish list. I just compelted a three year course so I’m proud of that! Well done on your accomplishments!


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