5 Before 25 (The Actual List)

A few posts ago, I was rambling on about those “30 before 30” lists and similar lists we make of goals we’d like to have accomplished by the time we reach a certain age. I decided on a “5 before 25” list, which would be a lot less overwhelming. So… here are five things I’d like to have accomplished before I turn 25.

1. Get a full-time job doing something related to my college degree.
I was an English major, and I’ve constantly heard things like, “Oh, that’s such a useless degree.” “What are you going to do with that, teach?” “You know you’re never going to make any money with that major.” I didn’t major in English in hopes of being rich. I did it because I love it and I would have been unhappy doing anything else. I love working with words, and even though my current job is only part-time, I’m glad it pays and I’m glad it allows me to do what I love. But getting a full-time opportunity would most definitely be awesome.

2. Put $5000 in savings.
That’s a nice amount of money to have in case of any emergencies. I’m not a big spender anyway, so this goal should be attainable.

3. Get a short story published in a literary magazine.
This goal may be hard for me; I’m not the best at writing short stories, but luckily, once it’s on paper, the editing and revision process is much shorter. All I have to do is come up with a killer idea, get it down, edit it, then decide which of the billions of literary magazines out there might want it… simple, right? 🙂

4. Build a website from scratch – and get my own domain name.
I’ve wanted to do this since I took an HTML/CSS class in 2009. But if you’ve ever worked with HTML code before, you know it can be a very tedious process, and one tiny error can really mess things up for you. I’m still debating on whether or not I’d want to buy Dreamweaver… hmm…

5. Take an out-of-state trip by myself.
The last time I went out of state was in 2009, but I was with my family at that time. This time, I want to go out of state just for the heck of it – to prove to myself that I can travel alone and not get hopelessly lost. 🙂 (How did people travel before GPS and Google Maps, anyway?)

So that’s my list. There’s no way of telling what will happen between now and the day I turn 25, but I am always open to change – and whatever happens… will happen. Question for my readers… what’s a goal you’d really want to have accomplished by a certain age?

7 thoughts on “5 Before 25 (The Actual List)

  1. That is a pretty good list.
    1 – It is easy to get a job related to English. It is about being able to communicate. If you can write well and make yourself understood then hey, your job relates to English. If there is no translation involved then it relates. Plus if you get something published and earn a few bucks, that is a job no matter how long it was.
    2 – 5K is great till your car breaks down and all the hard earned money goes out the window >_>
    3 – Try your hand at flash fiction and little things. Write what you know. Heck, take a real story and add to it and see what happens. Enter as many contests and small publishers as you can. Maybe it will work. Maybe the people will get so tired of seeing your name pop up they do a pity publishing. *Not based on true events*
    4 – Good luck
    5 – Repeat step three. Start small and work your way up. Also, do not be afraid to ask directions. Have plenty of gas money and make sure your cell phone is charged. If it begins to rain at night and you have a flat tire… Wait for the mini van with kids. No creepy strange men with hooks will be helpful.

    Good luck!


    • All true – but it would be nice to see 5k in my bank account – even if it’s just there ’til something crazy happens!

      Your comment made me laugh – thank you!


  2. My goal? To do my book and to have it be really good. No deadline (as the saying goes, there is no clock on my business 🙂 ).

    My advice: Hand-code at least one website. You’ll get a great feeling of accomplishment, and you’ll learn things that will help when you do use Dreamweaver.


  3. My goal: To do my next book, and to have it be good. No deadline. As the saying goes, there is no clock on my business. 🙂

    My suggestion: Hand code at least one website. You’ll get a great feeling of accomplishment, and you’ll learn things that will help a lot when you use Dreamweaver later.

    Sorry if this reply appears twice. I posted it before, but it seems to have vanished.


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