5 Before 25

I’ve seen other bloggers doing “30 before 30” lists, in which they write down 30 things they’d like to have accomplished before they turn 30.

For me, 30 is only seven years away. It’s a little scary to think about – and because of that fear, I don’t like thinking too far ahead into the future. I prefer to take things a year at a time or even just a month, a week, or a day at a time. Thinking more than two years ahead freaks me out – and I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or not. I do have general plans for what I’d like to be doing with my life, but nothing specific.

It’s difficult to see what you’d want to be doing with your life five years in the future – or even just two. Life circumstances could drastically change in just a second. Not everything is entirely under your control. Plans can be made with precision and care, but just one tiny accident or misstep (whether it’s under your control or not) could totally tear up weeks of planning.

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley…
-Robert Burns, “To a Mouse”

That’s why I’m not sure if I want to make a “30 before 30” list. Maybe a “5 before 25” list would be more accessible. Who knows? If I write down 30 goals today, I may not even care about accomplishing them within the next seven years. My interests may have changed. I suppose, like any list of goals, a “30 before 30” list should be updated and modified every so often. I understand the importance of goals and I do set goals for myself, but when everything can change so rapidly, it seems futile to cling so tightly to these goals without allowing room for change. This is definitely something to think about…

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  1. I’m a big “list” person myself, but I always try to keep them realistic and attainable because like you said, if not, I’ll have no motivation to actually achieve them. Being in my early twenties as well, I think I should start my own bucket list to make sure I don’t let these years fly by without some milestones and crazy memories along the way.


  2. I don’t have a list and I only have 2 years until I’m 30 eek! Like you I don’t really think life plans work out too well. But it’s good to have some goals, just don’t stress yourself out trying to tick box your life!


    • Life is a funny thing. Sometimes the best things that happen to you are those that you’ve never planned (or thought of planning).


  3. Maggie, this may be hard to hear from a person who HAS hit thirty. Twice.

    Your thirties will be a magical time. You will have gained enough world experience and insight to be able to relax a bit in your climb toward success, without being coerced into thinking that you’ll never make it. Your energy will be good, your motives will be strong, your path will be clear.

    If I might make one small suggestion. Toss out your 30 by 30 list. Putting your life on a schedule like that only makes your 30th feel that much scarier. Don’t throw away the list of things you want to do, even cross them off when you accomplish them, if you like, but putting a time limit on yourself can set you up for dissapointment and heartache.

    Oh, and one more thing. About birthdays. Do not fear them. Each is the mark of your success and your survival. Birthdays are good… and they’re a LOT better than the alternative.

    Happy life!


  4. I had to chuckle at the “only seven years away” part of this post. Seven years is a long time!

    Goals, positive thinking, I believe in it all. Like Stephanie said above, it’s good to keep them attainable and realistic. At the same time, some random, seemingly unrealistic goals can’t hurt, like “live in such-and-such city” because you never know what opportunities could arise if you’re thinking about it.

    It’s also important to make sure the goals matter to you. I had this crazy challenge for myself before I turned 30, based on things I should know according to some other book. But I didn’t care about those things, so I didn’t do them.


    • Maybe just setting the goal down on paper makes it a bit more realistic and attainable – at least in your mind. Perhaps writing it will set the path to actually doing it.


  5. Smart girl, Maggie.

    The closer the proximity in time . . . the more specific our goals can be. The farther away in time . . . the more likely we will change before they appear on the horizon.

    So 5 before 25 sounds like a great list!


  6. Hi Maggie, whI believe it is good to plan as long as my plans are submitted to the Lord. The bible says that without a vision the people perish and I believe that we should have a direction or ultimate goal for our lives. I think that if we have that ‘vision’ we will wake up with a sense of purpose and we will (hopefully) make decisions that line up with that vision.

    When I was your age (34 now) I was certain I was gonna be an actor in LA. I had an agent and a resume but God had different plans. I believe that if we submit our plans to Him, He will direct our steps.

    Prov 29:18
    Prov 16:9



    • Thanks, Mitchell. God has never left me alone before – and he never will. It’s just that sometimes, we stray from the path God chooses for us because we think we know better than him – but that’s never the case.


  7. I totally agree Maggie about making ‘before your…’ lists. The strange thing is no-one actually looks back over the year they’ve just lived and lists what they have done already! Try it and you’ll be surprised just how much you’ve achieved and the many new experiences you’ve had… Also, it’s good to remember that it’s fine to have big dreams but along the way it’s the little things in life that make us happy!


    • That gave me an idea for another blog post. Perhaps I ought to make a list of what I’ve accomplished during college or something… it’s good to keep perspective. Thanks, Huge! 🙂


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