The Thunder Serpent review

A bit of shameless promotion here… I’ve been reading a good story on FictionPress that has pretty much everything I like in a novel: romance, action, drama, suspense… and even aliens.

The Thunder Serpent by beatlemaniac11509 is about a group of eighth graders who suddenly develop odd powers and encounter a spaceship known as the Thunder Serpent.

The story is in first-draft mode and isn’t yet finished, but every chapter ends with a cliffhanger that makes me want to read more. The characters’ emotions are well-written and easy to relate to, especially since their powers are growing and they must learn to cope with them. The author does a good job of moving her readers into a world where changes are happening all the time. The plot is easy to understand and doesn’t jump around and the writing style is quite clear.

If you like super hero stories mixed with science-fiction, romance, and drama, The Thunder Serpent might be entertaining for you.

“But I want to break something so bad!” Overcome with blood-red anger, she shrugged me off, turned her tentacle fingers into a fist, and punched one of the white walls of the room.

Her punch was so powerful that the entire wall disintegrated, revealing a plain gray hallway behind it.

Paralyzed with shock, I watched Sandy realize what she had done.

5 thoughts on “The Thunder Serpent review

  1. I must read this book.

    ‘everything I like in a novel: romance, action, drama, suspense… and even aliens’

    Does it get better than that? I will have to post it on Goodreads but the book sounds fascinating – the scene you quoted sounds priceless.


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