The Seven Links Challenge

Nancy of Spirit Lights the Way tagged me, and I’m just now getting around to accepting the challenge…

For the challenge, you’re supposed to find your own posts under the following seven categories (or you can make up your own categories) and link to them, then tag several others so they can do the challenge as well. Here are the categories and the posts I chose:

1. A beautiful post: Turtle in the Mist

Because animals are lovely… and I don’t include a lot of my own photography in this blog. I’d say that was one of the better pictures I’ve taken.

2. A popular post: More Things That Should be Taught in High School

That one ended up getting Freshly Pressed last year. I’m still not sure how that happened.

3. A helpful post: Two is Better Than One

A lot of readers seemed to find my post about having two writing projects going at once fairly helpful.

4. A controversial post: How to Get Attention These Days

I don’t like stirring up controversy, and I try to be reasonable even if few share my opinions, but my post about the attention economy caused some interesting debate.

5. A surprisingly successful post: Aversion to Short Stories

I didn’t expect to get nearly as many comments on this post as I did get – and I didn’t expect anyone to have a similar opinion.

6. A post that didn’t get the attention it deserved: Haters Gonna Hate and Lovers Gonna Love

Everyone needs to know that self-worth comes from within!

7. A favorite post: A Noiseless, Patient Blogger

I can never really pick a favorite, but I did this time!

Now for the tagging part… because I’m lazy, I’m going to go ahead and tag anyone who’s listed in my blogroll to the right. You guys are my favorite bloggers and it would be interesting to see what you can bring to the challenge! 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Seven Links Challenge

  1. Excellent idea for a post (and yes, I’ve linked to “Two Is Better than One” at least four or five times, and the one about short stories, too).

    The tag comes at an interesting time, since Sunday is my blog’s six-year anniversary. I think I will link to six of my posts (I’ll have to make it six, for the anniversary) in my Sunday post.


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