Featured website: BookLamp.org

BookLamp is set to launch on August 16 and it’s more or less like Pandora for books. If you enter a book, the site will help you find others that are similar to it in tone, genre, action, description, etc.

The site is in beta right now and it’s currently looking for something to use as its book database, whether that be partnering with a company and using its book database or going with an open source option. You can sign on and use the forum to share your own ideas.

All I can say is I’m glad that there’s finally a thing like Pandora for books. I’ve enjoyed using Pandora to help me find new music over the years, so I’m definitely looking forward to BookLamp’s official launch.

4 thoughts on “Featured website: BookLamp.org

  1. I like Pandora as well so book lamp sounds very interesting. On a completely non-post related note I would like to thank you for the encouragement and etc you leave on my blogs


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