The Difficulty of Getting a Publishing Job

I love living in North Carolina. I really do, even when it gets over 100 degrees and so humid that as soon as you step outside, you’re sweating and batting away thousands of mosquitoes. I love my (not so little anymore) rural town, even when I get stuck on the road behind slow-moving farm equipment.

But I also hate it. There aren’t that many opportunities here and it’s made worse by our lovely economic situation. The vast majority of publishing jobs can be found in New York City, which is basically the opposite of where I live now: crowded, fast-paced, bitterly cold in the winter, far more expensive, and there’s tons of competition.

I’m very fortunate to have found a remote editorial internship and even though it pays very little, it’s better than many internships in the publishing world, which pay nothing. I’m grateful for the opportunity and it’s giving me some great experience. I love my job and I plan on working hard in the future to achieve my goal of succeeding in publishing.

It would be nice to move to New York City in the future, but since I’ve lived in the South for so long, I’m afraid it would be quite a bit of culture shock. Hmm… definitely something to continue thinking about as time goes on.

10 thoughts on “The Difficulty of Getting a Publishing Job

  1. NYC is a mecca for publishing . . .

    I wonder if that will change in this more digital world. Small presses may pop up all over the place, obviating the need for centralized competition.

    Having lived in NC (Winston Salem) and NJ (60 minutes from NYC), I would choose NC over NYC ~ so you’ll not be competing against me for jobs in the Big Apple. 😉


    1. That’s true – there are small presses and more remote options available these days… but NY is still the go-to place for publishing.


  2. Maggie, I think you could make it anywhere you like. I know your are that talented and driven. Publishing can be difficult when looking for a job here in the south. For many years I have done Desktop Publishing for IT firms and pharmaceuticals companies (AstraZenca in DE). I was living in Philadelphia at the time. When I moved to SC, I thought about moving to the Research Triangle area in NC because of the many pharmaceutical companies there. But alas, I am still here in SC and have not worked in DP since 2001. Good luck and stay true to your desires.


    1. The Triangle would be a good place to work. I interviewed for a few jobs there; they are very focused on tech and IT and pharmaceutical. In recent years, a bunch of pharmaceutical places popped up in the “not-so-small” town where I live.

      Thank you, Walter. Your words mean a lot to me. 🙂


  3. That’s the good thing about Britain – it’s tiny! So you’re pretty much going to be near a major city for the opportunities but can jump a train home for a hot meal and rural tranquility at the weekend. I love New York though and I’ve managed to visit twice and it was amazing both times. May be you’ll have to go to NY, get the experience and contacts, then move back to North Carolina and start your own independent press… Now that would be fantastic!


  4. My sister lived in NC for a while (Greensboro) and I visited her one summer. Over 100 every day, and maybe down to 85 at night, so I know what you mean.

    I slept on the porch (which I wouldn’t have done in NY 🙂 ).


  5. I live in the woods of PA and prefer it over a crowded city. Though I still live close enough to all the action of NY. Thankfully I’m not really interested in that side of publishing. But I wish you luck.


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