So Easy to Make a Mess… So Hard to Clean It

It might seem silly to devote an entire blog post to this, but here goes. One of the great conundrums of life is the phenomenon of how difficult it is to create something, yet how easy it is to consume (or use, or destroy) that particular thing.

1. It can take hours to prepare, cook, and serve a meal… yet it’s eaten in less than a half hour.
2. It takes quite a while to construct a building… yet that particular building can be torn down in seconds.
3. Novels take years to write, revise, and polish… but a reader can finish it in just a few hours (well, your average novel anyway).
4. It can take a long time to vacuum and clean a house… yet one muddy animal or dirty kid comes in and all that work is ruined in an instant – and everything has to be cleaned again.
5. Movies take a long time to be produced and directed. The acting has to be perfected… but a movie only takes about a half-hour to watch.
6. A nasty comment doesn’t take long to slip off the tongue… but it can leave a hole in another person’s heart for years.

I can go on and on with situations like this. It’s one of those things about life I always stop to think about. I think there’s some kind of lesson to this. Maybe it’s a spiritual lesson or a lesson about humanity and life in general, but I don’t quite know what it might be.

Just some random food for thought.

7 thoughts on “So Easy to Make a Mess… So Hard to Clean It

  1. Love that graphic . . . perfect pic for the post.

    When we’re looking at the global impact of books and movies, the playing field becomes equalized ~ it takes hours and hours to create a single movie or book, but the enjoyment can extend to thousands of people because of all the copies circulating.

    Sadly, the same is not true of housecleaning or meal prep . . . 😉


    • Not only that, which is true, but the enjoyment can extend over generations, over a much longer time than it took to create it. I was just reading a Henry James novel, and Ulysses (things out of copyright can be really cheap on the Kindle), and the authors are long gone

      Look at this:

      Tiyana is listening to radio programs made back in the 1940s. Which is a heck of a long time ago. And they’re still giving people pleasure. My mother’s grandfather built the first two houses in one area of Cape Cod, and both are still standing and people are still living in them. So, easy to knock down, yes, but sometimes they’re not knocked down, and then the time spent creating them is mininal compared to how long they can survive.


  2. Good post! I can definitely see where you’re coming from.
    Luckily sometimes what is created can stay with us for much longer than it took to make it. We can remember a great meal or a wonderful book.
    As for cleaning and nasty comments … Well, I can’t find a silver lining just there.


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