Featured website: quietwrite.com

The concept behind QuietWrite is very simple: an aesthetically-pleasing space to write that’s free of distractions. It doesn’t have the clutter of other blogging interfaces like WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, or even Tumblr. You don’t even need a username and password, unless you want to use the site as a blog. Just start typing and the website will save your work for you every so often so you don’t lose it.

If you sign up, you can share your writing with others or you can have it post to a WordPress blog. You can customize the font style you write in, along with the size, background color, and text color.

A word of warning: QuietWrite is currently in beta, so it may have some issues.

If you’re prone to getting easily distracted while writing, QuietWrite might be a peaceful way to concentrate and keep your mind on your word count.

It’s similar to sites like OmmWriter or WriteMonkey, which also give you an uncluttered interface.

11 thoughts on “Featured website: quietwrite.com

  1. That IS a nice, quiet site.
    It put me in mind of… what was it? Oh. WriteMonkey. I may have learned about that from one of your reviews. It is at http://writemonkey.com/ and it gives you a totally blank WP to work with, but all saves are local… and as I recall, a right-click gives you tons of options that are otherwise hidden.


  2. Unfortunately, the thing that’s the most distracting (to me) is the internet, so a website isn’t a good tool for me. I’m better with a pen, or a computer that isn’t online. I do like a clean screen sometimes, and recently I’ve been using an old DOS text editor that I used back in the 1990s. Having a completely clean screen is definitely helpful.

    I saw another blog post about a few programs like this a while ago:


    • There are tools that block out the Internet for a specified period of time, but I’m always tempted to uninstall the tools. Walking away from the computer altogether usually works best for me.


      • Installing an internet-blocking program like that would make me feel like I have no self-control. f I walk across the room and write with a pen, I can tell myself that it’s just because I prefer pens, not that I can’t resist the internet. 🙂

        I had a friend once who was a programmer, and he wrote me a small program for automatic writing. You started it, and it showed a completely blank screen. You type, and your typing doesn’t even appear (thereby removing the urge to go back and edit), and if you stop typing for too long, it beeps at you. It was kind of fun, but I didn’t use it that much. (Of course, I didn’t tell my friend that.)


  3. I’ve tried this site a few times recently (I’m always a sucker for a new writing program, a new notebook, a new pen — and it’s a great way to set a new project apart from the others).

    It was a bit buggy for me, though (lots of error messages). It may not be the site itself — my computer setup is rather nonstandard — but it was enough to discourage me. I did try Google Docs, too, and if you remove all the toolbars and use F11 to maximize the browser, it has a pretty similar effect.


    • Google Docs… I can never quite bring myself to use that for some reason. I’m averse to using new programs a lot of the time – can’t say why. Microsoft Word has worked the best for me and I doubt I’ll ever write anywhere else unless I have a really strong reason to.


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