Why I Lost Camp NaNoWriMo

I quit at about 20,000 words because the story wasn’t going anywhere. I didn’t enjoy writing it and I had no connection to or emotion for the characters. Plus, I was working on revising XIII at the same time, and that series has been known to suck life and energy out of other projects. Maybe it was the intense summer heat that fried my writing brain… either way, I just didn’t feel like I wanted to finish. The story was getting too out of control. I already had a talking palm tree, a hallucinatory dream sequence, and a gratuitous sex scene. All the insanity took its toll, and the story stopped in its tracks. Revision would not have helped it… well, maybe it would. I had at least two sentences in there that were of decent quality. But anyway…

I offer congratulations to those who won! And for those who would like to participate in Camp NaNo, the August session starts today. I’m not going to participate – I have a pretty good idea that I want to save until November. Maybe my brain won’t be so fried (but it might be frozen). 😀

8 thoughts on “Why I Lost Camp NaNoWriMo

  1. I do not blame you I think our muses have gone on strike temporarily due to the real possibility of heat stroke! 🙂


    • It’s a piece of work, so it may not make another appearance… until the day comes when I run out of WiPs and have to resort to it!


  2. I am having the same sort of struggle with the sequel I am starting. Worried it will need to be chucked.

    Who knows, maybe once you have had time away from it the wip will sound good again.


  3. It’s a great strength to know when to quit. I might be a writer in denial because I never know when to toss something. If it’s not working, I set it aside for a while or I attack it–hoping it will get better! I need to work on letting things go!


  4. Tara, I never actually toss anything, I just put it away. Why get rid of it? It might come in useful someday. (I come from a family of pack rats — can you tell?)

    In general, this whole thread makes me think of the immortal wisdom of Kenny Rogers, but I couldn’t say it as well as Sonje: http://bit.ly/lQ9rQF


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