Against Puppy Mills

I don’t consider myself an animal activist in any sense, but puppy mills are evil. These “breeders” mistreat the animals and force them to have more litters than is healthy. They often do not give the animals routine medical care. A true breeder is someone who cares about the health of the animals and is interested in preserving and upholding the breed standard. They only breed their dogs a few times and make sure each animal is happy and healthy. They’re expensive for a reason: they take good care of their animals.

Don’t be tricked into buying from a puppy mill. Always ask to see the facility and meet the parents of the puppy you’re planning to adopt. Many puppy mills raise “designer dogs” such as Yorkie-poos, Pekatese, Schnoodles, Chiweenies, etc. These are just mixed breeds sold under special names so the breeder can make more money.

Adopt from a shelter and always take your new pet to the vet to ensure that it’s healthy. If you do adopt from a puppy mill that’s been “busted,” be sure that you are willing to take on a dog that may have a multitude of illnesses. Since puppy mills don’t care about dogs’ health, many of these animals have never seen a vet.

Buy from a legitimate breeder or an animal shelter. Don’t support puppy mills by buying animals from certain pet stores or any other disreputable source. ALWAYS ask to visit the facility and always get a second opinion from your vet. And if you suspect there’s a puppy mill in your area, don’t be afraid to check it out. You might just save the lives of many animals.

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