Revising My Revision Schedule

Everything in life needs revision and re-planning from time to time – even a schedule of planned revisions. Since the XIII series is going to take up such a massive amount of time (as it always does), I’m going to have to cut some other novels out of the revision schedule in order to make time to adequately revise and rewrite it.

There are a few novels I’ve written that I don’t think are going to go anywhere – for various reasons. So I’ve decided not to waste any more time on them and focus my efforts solely on the novels that I have high hopes for and enthusiasm about. It’s great to have a pretty consistent output of stories and novels: more to choose from when it comes time to decide which to focus on and make better.

So I shall be continuing with three series: XIII, the PJJO series (I have yet to find a better name for it), and the Restless series (I have not looked at it since 2009, but I’m still in love with the idea.).

I am going to drop Cain, David, and Daniel. Cain was the very first novel I’d ever written and I went through four or five drafts of it before coming to the slow and painful realization that it wasn’t really going anywhere. Quite honestly, it reminds me of times I would rather forget.

David is more or less an offshoot of the PJJO series, and although I like the premise, I just don’t feel attachment to the characters or the story itself. I don’t feel like putting forth the effort to take it through the numerous revisions it will need to be complete and polished. That effort would be better focused on another project.

Daniel is a variation on an old idea I’ve had for a long time. No matter what variations of that idea I’ve tried, it’s just never quite worked out on paper. So… I shall say farewell to Daniel.

I am going to focus only on the XIII series until the beginning of November 2011, then after that, I’ll take some time to revise the Restless series at the end of the year. The PJJO series has already been completely revised and retooled, so I no longer have to worry about fitting it into the rest of 2011.

In 2012, the rewrites will begin – although I’m not quite sure how I want to tackle those yet. It feels good to revise my plans and to let go of old ideas that weren’t working out. Another bittersweet conclusion.

11 thoughts on “Revising My Revision Schedule

  1. I am amazed that you work on multiple projects at a time – amazed and impressed! I can barely keep one straight in my head!

    When you say “rewrites will begin” in 2012, are those rewrites of the novels you’re dropping, or rewrites of something else? Or is rewrites synonymous with “revisions”? Not that it really matters, but I’m curious.


    • To me, revision is planning how I’m going to rewrite (deciding what to include and what to drop, how to rearrange scenes, etc.) and rewriting is actually writing the new draft.


      • That makes sense! I just call the whole process revising. Rewriting, to me, sounds like starting over. Revising, rewriting, and editing mean different things to different writers. This is now making me think about how I use the words and what they mean to me.

        Anyway, happy revisions! (And then later, happy rewriting!)


        • “Editing” has two meanings for me. It encompasses the entire “revision and rewriting” process and “editing” is also the smaller, minor changes that are made (grammar, sentence structure, etc.)

          If I differentiate between the words, I get less confused. 🙂


  2. Wow. It sounds like you have a lot of work going on. I am still only on my first one so revision schedule is easy.

    I am about to start my second, so that will be when the jugging starts for me I guess.

    It must be sad to let some of your babies go. But you can always tuck them away for a rainy day, years from now, when you just can’t think of anything to write.

    Good luck on the new schedule.


    • It’s a little sad, but I have enough other stories to fill my time so I won’t be missing the others as much. 🙂


      • Besides, unlike a the end of a romance or something like that, the abandoned manuscript just sits in a drawer (or on a hard drive or whatever), waiting, patiently, and can be picked up again when the time is right.

        I’ve directed a lot of people to your post about always having two projects going at once, in different stages of the process. I think it’s a good method. But you can also have a couple others waiting in the wings.


        • Yup, it’s not like a permanent ending… unless I destroyed everything I had related to those novels, but I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to do that. 🙂


  3. Good luck with your new plan! I re-plan my goals every season and it’s always helpful to look at the big picture. Even projects that don’t work out are never wasted because they helped to shape you into the writer you are today!


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