Featured website: authonomy.com

One of the newest sites for writers is brought to you by none other than HarperCollins, one of the biggest NYC publishers. Like many other writing sites, you can upload your own work, recommend and rate the work of others, connect with other writers and leave comments. You must have at least 10,000 words of a book in order to submit it to the site. Nonfiction and fan-fiction are not allowed.

Books are ranked by those who use the Authonomy site. Five books with the highest rankings will be seen by HarperCollins editors, who will then give valuable feedback to the author.

Authonomy just might be a great place to start your publishing journey!

2 thoughts on “Featured website: authonomy.com”

  1. Is Authonomy new? I recall friends from WEbook joining it several years ago. If my recollection is correct, then it is withstanding the “test of time.” 😀


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