30 Day Book Challenge – Day 10

Today’s Prompt: Favorite classic book

It is extremely difficult to understand this book after the first reading. At first glance, the quality of the writing will make you think that Faulkner may have been drunk while writing this book. If you read this book and understood it entirely on your own, without the help of a literature professor or the Internet, I commend you.

I got frustrated while reading The Sound and the Fury for the first time – so frustrated I wanted to throw the book against the wall or opt for CliffsNotes. But I hung in there until class, so I could hear how the professor and everyone else interpreted it. My classmates were thoroughly confused, as I was. Our professor encouraged us to read the book several times, and of course, we all groaned.

I resisted the temptation to go online and look up an explanation of why a seemingly simple tale of a Southern family’s failure was so difficult to understand. I read the book three times and each time, more of the plot and characters started to become clear to me. Class helped me understand the smaller details that I had missed.

The Sound and the Fury is hard to read, but well worth the trouble. The characters’ viewpoints are brilliantly painted in the popular stream-of-consciousness style, and they are sympathetic. Faulkner’s writing is practically Biblical in its intensity – and that is one of the true marks of classic literature. Intensity.

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  1. Thanks, Maggie.

    I don’t like to “work” when I read for enjoyment. I would only struggle with Faulkner’s writing style if I was reading him “for credit.” 😀


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