30 Day Book Challenge – Day 9

Today’s Prompt: A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

My best friend from middle school recommended this book to me and it was a long time before I actually read it. I kept thinking that it would be boring because I didn’t really care for science fiction at the time. Every time I picked the book up, I just couldn’t bring myself to open it and start reading.

Then my mom actually bought me a copy of Ender’s Game, and I hate having unread books just sitting around in my room, so I began to read. And I was instantly hooked. Young Andrew (Ender) is selected for Battle School, chosen over his sweet sister Valentine and his rather tyrannical brother, Peter. Battle School trains an elite force of children for combat with the alien race known as “Buggers.” Ender rises up through the ranks to become commander of the best army in Battle School, but he does not lose himself in the grueling process, as many of the other children do.

I no longer own the book. After reading it countless times, I donated it to the fledgling library of a public school near where I live so that other kids might enjoy it, too. It’s a classic of both YA literature and science fiction.

4 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge – Day 9

  1. Card is a wondeful writer, and the Ender series is extraordinary. At last count there were 8 volumes to the series, and not a dud among them, despite some sad happenings. I’ve read some of them, and listened to the audio version of the rest, and can very highly recommend the whole series.


    • My other favorite from the series is Ender’s Shadow. In some ways, it was even better than Ender’s Game.


  2. I never got around to reading Ender’s Game although I have read a lot of sci fi earlier. A friend of mine really holds it in high regard, though. Thank you for bringing it to my attention again! 🙂


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