30 Day Book Challenge – Day 5

Today’s prompt: A book that makes you happy

Wow… could that question be any more broad? I can name at least 10 books off the top of my head that make me smile whenever I read them or think about them. I’ll go with one I read fairly recently.

First of all, every character in Cathy Lamb’s Henry’s Sisters is quirky and fully fleshed out. All of them are quite memorable and they make what could be a very depressing book into something that’s more lightweight. Mentally challenged Henry is what makes the book a true joy; he brings light to the lives of everyone around him and helps to bring his three sisters out of their separate darkness.

The three sisters get a note from their mother (the antagonist of the book) telling them that they must return to their hometown to care for Henry and their aging grandmother who thinks she is Amelia Earhart. None of the sisters want to return to the mother who was so cruel to them in their youth, but now that she’s facing open-heart surgery, it might be time to make amends.

It’s a light read that will bring you some sadness, but also laughter and joy.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge – Day 5

  1. Thanks, Maggie.

    To some extent, all books make me happy. If they don’t, I stop reading them.

    Books with happy endings are my favorite . . . along with books that make me laugh out loud.


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